Computer, Tablet and Cell Phone Forensic Investigations and Data Recovery Services

Forensic Strategy Services specialise in the collection and preservation of data in order to investigate or establish facts for any type of legal purpose.

Our forensic skill set

  • We have disassembled and reassembled every type of system including notebooks, computer systems, smart phone as well as internet logs, address books, email, documents and databases.
  • We have special on-site labs for examining and recovering data in a clean and secure environment.
  • We are able to determine when data was accessed or destroyed and can often recover evidence that was either intentionally or unintentionally lost, changed, damaged or deleted.
  • We can also write custom programs to assemble data in a manner specifically geared to a specific case or any format requested.
  • We have the communication and organisation skill & experience to deliver and explain credible evidence & expert witness

Proven experience

  • Some of our clients include: FBI, SANS, IBM, Six Flags, LA Fitness, Strafford Publications, Glover Capital, Phillips Hitchner Group and Bellsouth, and a large number of major corporations and law firms.
  • We have even done weeks of specialized training for the FBI,CIA, NASA, Boeing, Sony and others.
  • Our client include most large firms in Atlanta, dozens of private investigators, Schulten Ward & Turner LLP, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, Finch McCraine Law Firm, Cherokee 911 Center, Canton Police Department, Cherokee County Sheriffs Department, Cherokee County Commissions Office, Athens Tennessee 911 Center, Australian Bodyworks Legal, Dawson Huddleston Law Firm, Huddleston Nohr Law Firm and more.

Helping understand the data

We help legal professionals in their attempts to convict criminals who use technology as a weapon. The computer and digital data industry changes quickly & we can help you understand the essentials.

Forensic Strategy Services offers knowledgeable computer specialists with interests, expertise and skills in fields other than just computer science.

  • Professional computer forensic capabilities
  • Case review and analysis
  • Computer forensic specialist with skills in accounting and law – delivering more useful and credible evidence.
  • recover data and prepare a case using methods non-destructive to the systems being analyzed.

Forensic Strategy Services provides the ability to

Corporate Data Recovery and Data Loss

  • Professional data recovery services
  • Retrieve formatted and deleted data
  • Identification of internal security issues
  • Delivery of data returned in a secure manner

Forensic Strategy Services can perform an internal audit of computer related systems to determine if a company is losing money because of possible crime or internal theft.

Fees & Cost

  • Our primary goal is to be conscious of costs involved in and around a case or trial.
  • The average data recovery/examination takes about 10 hours per a hard drive researched.
  • Any additional research needed after initial findings are also at an hourly rate.
  • There are additional costs for storage of data and equipment. This is dependant on the amount of data and number of systems needing to be stored and maintained for legal purposes.
  • These prices will vary in accordance with the items and will be discussed at the time details of the case are revealed and discussed with the client or lawyer.


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